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The California Hackamore Horse - soft cover - AUSTRALIA, NEW ZEALAND, SWITZERLAND, CANADA

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This new California Hackamore Horse book covers all the things you will need to be successful riding in the hackamore regardless of what kind of riding you do.

This book represents 6 generations and over 165 years of California horsemanship tradition with in Jeff's family and a combined experience for both sides of Jeff's family of over 265 years. The book also represents his own experience working with between 300-400 different hackamore horses and people at clinics through out the world every year. This provides a great opportunity to see what really works and does not work with a huge variety of horses over a long period of time. 
All this combines to make perhaps the most comprehensive work on the subject of the traditional use of the hackamore currently available.

The book has 190 pages and covers following topics:
What it is, what it is not and how it works
Parts and pieces
Shaping, fitting and maintenance
Myths vs reality
What is collection
Ground work and doubling
Weight, seat and leg signals
Rein handling
Side movements
Rollbacks, slide stops, spins, turn on the forehand and pirouettes
Lead changes
Speed control and transitions
Going to the two rein or smaller hackamore
The true California bridlehorse