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The California Two Rein & Bridle - Soft Cover

This new Two Rein and Bridle book represents decades of study and literally thousands of horses. While the primary focus is on the traditional California styles of bits, there is a LOT of info in the book that will be extremely helpful regardless of what style of horsemanship you practice.
The book has 237 pages and covers following topics:

What is a California bridle horse
History and traditions
    Spanish California
    Mexican/Rancho period
    Mexican American war
    United States control
    California Lancers in the Civil War
    World War I
    World War II
    The 1980s
    1980s to Present day
Does the snaffle have a place in the old California tradition
    Historical context
    Riding young horses
New never before published snaffle bit research
True collection
    What is Collection
    The biomechanics of the horse being “on the bit” and excessive contact 
    Forward down/long and low
    Leverage and pain compliance vs signal
How traditional California bits signal
Understanding the mouth
    The Sacred temple
     Mouth Conformation
    Tongue relief
    Hyoid Apparatus
    Hard Palate
    Canine teeth
Importance of regular dental work
Traditional California mouthpieces
    Solid vs jointed mouthpieces
    Mona Lisa
     San Joaquin
    Polo mouth
    Mullen mouth
    Frog mouth
    Hoods over ports
    Mouth piece materials
    Curb straps and curb chains
Bit balance, weight, cheek design and horse’s natural carriage
Common shortcut tools
    Nose bands/cavessons
    Draw reins
    Side reins
    Gimmicks in general
Mysteries of the spade bit
    Understanding the spade/spoon
    How to measure for proper spade fit
    Lower set cannon
    Fitting the braces
    Wrinkles in the corner of the mouth
Rein style and choices 
Lost art of the rein chains
    Single crown piece
    Single sliding ear
    Split ear
    Double ear
Why all the silver
When to start in the two rein
    The secret
    My two rein list
Rein Handling and signaling in the two rein 
    Correct use of romal reins
    Holding the two rein
    Relaxed hand, fingertips and bubbling
    Rein balance
Neck reining
The importance of seat and leg signals
Why I don’t ride with two hands on the bridle reins
Introduction to the bit
Bitting up
First rides
Transitioning to straight up rein handling
Going straight up
The Alamar knot
Teaching new skills